Sparks Forum

The Sparks Forum on Ethics and Engineering was established through a generous gift from the family of George H. and Fay C. Sparks, with the intention of providing "an opportunity for the students, faculty and staff of Georgia Tech, members of the engineering profession, and the broader community to examine the ethical dimensions of engineering practice, including the application of ethical principles to decisions made in the context of professional work." The Forum is an annual event, which is led by an invited guest speaker. 

George H. Sparks practiced civil engineering, and his wife, Fay C. Sparks, was a school teacher.  Both are remembered primarily for their adherence to uprightness, fairness, respect and loyalty.

Past Sparks Forums

Speaker - Dr. Kenneth Oye, MIT
Title - Somatic Cell Gene Therapy, Germline Gene Therapy, and Gene Drives: Ethical, Legal, and Economic Challenges
Date & Time - Thursday, March 3 at 11:00am
Location - Petit Institute Room 1128

Speaker - Dr. Joel Garreau, Arizona State University
Title - Radical Evolution: The Ethics of Becoming the Best Cyborgs We Can Be
Date & Time - Tuesday, October 22 at 2:30pm
Location - Manufacturing Research Center (MARC) Auditorium